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m a r k e d // f a n g @ l i v e j o u r n a l

because everyone loves a cheeky tatooed fukutaichou

m a r k e d // f a n g { the Abarai Renji comm }
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~ i n t r o ~
Welcome one and all to marked_fang, the community for fans of Bleach's Abarai Renji, fukutaichou of the 6th division.

~ n o t i c e ~
As of October 17, 2007, this community is no longer active/moderated since Kaz will be leaving LiveJournal. If you wish to still post here, please keep respecting the rules.
Affiliates are welcome to remove links, and anyone who wishes to create another (active) Renji community is certainly most welcome to do so! (But please don't take the graphics from here >_>)

~ r u l e s ~
1) Manners and courtesy go a long way. Constructive criticism is welcomed, flames and trolling are not.
2) Fanwork of all types is welcomed, but please put large images (including more than 2 or 3 icons), fanfics, spoilers, and the like under an LJ cut.
3) Please include warnings for spoilers and fanworks that are yaoi, highly-rated, or not-worksafe.
4) No self-intro posts, please.
5) Since this is the Renji comm, things related to Renji are most certainly welcomed! Your spoiler theory about how Yachiru is actually Urahara's daughter is not, however. (AKA: Keep it on-topic, kids XP)

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~ o t h e r   l i n k s ~

~ a d m i n ~
Formerly Kaz